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Founding Statement:


We are a group of citizens of the Cape who, like many others have become concerned about the direction South Africa is taking. In particular we are very concerned about the future of minorities within South Africa, the discrimination against minorities and the increasing disadvantages minorities are subjected to under majority rule.

Since minorities are in the majority in the Cape, we feel that our interests would be served by the Cape becoming politically independent of South Africa. For the purpose of promoting the idea of Cape independence we have established “The Cape Independence Movement”.

This movement is non-partisan, non-racial and will canvass support for the idea of independence among the members of the public and all political parties.

We believe that an independent Cape should be a multi-party democracy, free of racial and gender discrimination, with respect for human rights; a high value placed on freedom of expression, respect and guarantees for private property and an adherence to the rule of law.

Ons is 'n groep inwoners van die Kaap, wie soos menigte ander, bekommerd is oor die rigting waarin Suid-Afrika beweeg. Ons is veral bekommerd oor die toenemende diskriminasie teen minderheidsgroepe in Suid-Afrika.

Aangesien minderheidsgroepe in die meerderheid is in die Kaap, voel ons dat ons belange die meeste voordeel daaruit sal trek indien die Kaap polities onafhanklik word. Om die Kaap se onafhanklikheid te propageer het ons "Die Kaapse Onafhanklikheidsbeweging" gestig.

Hierdie beweging is nie gekoppel aan enige politieke party nie en sal die idee van onafhanklikheid onder alle lede van die publiek en enige politieke party propageer.

Ons glo dat die Onafhanklike Kaap 'n veelparty demokrasie moet wees, vry van enige rasse of geslagsdiskriminasie, met respek vir menseregte; waar vryheid van spraak hoog op die prys gestel sal word, waar privaat eiendom gerespekteer word en waar wet en orde gehandhaaf sal word.
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